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2 Time Guinness World Record Holder, Dave Farrow

With over 2000 interviews and over 100 Million hits and counting to his credit, he is the media`s most requested expert on Brain Training.

Voted #1 Memory Program in America and it's the best selling memory instructional program in the world.

Dave Farrow brings his unique blend of humor and energy to the learning environment, creating a dynamic and fun, yet purpose-filled event. During his talks, audience members feel the resounding impact of his program and meeting planners get the results they desire.

Dave will show your group how to:

Dave brings your vision to life. More than a motivator, Dave achieves results**. Simply put, Dave Farrow’ talks are unforgettable.

** In one talk for example, participants were still using the material over four years later.

Be always happy but never content; don't just talk about getting there, be the person you aspire to be today and watch the world take notice.

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Guinness: Dave Farrow holds the top Guinness Record for Greatest Memory by memorizing and recalling the exact order of 59 decks of cards randomly shuffled together. That's 3,068 cards in total! You can look for this record in the 2009 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. This record was set to break his previous record of 52 decks of cards (see 1997 edition). This record is considered the most difficult memory feat in the Guinness Book of Records.

Other records: In 2008 Dave was a paid spokesperson for Sony Corporation as a speed reader. He was asked to do an endurance event to raise awareness for literacy and to help get Sony Reader technology into schools in North America. For 30 days, Dave lived in a down town Manhattan store front window, watched 24/7 by passersby, and live streamed to the internet. Over 100 MILLION people tuned in to see him speed read and quiz him on the books he read for charity. This endurance even put him in the record books and his efforts put over 4.4 million EBooks and reader technology into schools. Take a look at the daily blog here

Sales Records: His program, the Farrow Memory System, sold in five countries and counting, was voted the top memory program in America as well as being the best selling instructional memory kit in the world. (link to product page) Media Exposure: With over 2000 interviews in the media Dave is considered today’s most requested expert on memory training and works as a publicity and advertising consultant to a variety of clients.

Science & Technology: Dave Farrow is the only living memory expert today to invent new memory training techniques and create a theory of the brain that identifies and explains why memory training works the way it does. Always on the cutting edge, Dave is currently authoring a neuroscience study with McGill University in Montreal (through the renowned Neuroscience Dept.) and the National Research Council of Canada to demonstrate the effectiveness of Farrow Memory Training in achieving a better memory instantly, regardless of age or experience.

A Force Multiplier: MC, Speaker or Trainer

Dave Farrow`s message and techniques come from experience. He rose from obscurity, with severe medical and learning challenges, to become today’s top expert in Memory Training, a noted Scientist, Inventor, Sales Trainer and Publicity Consultant. Often facing many of the same personal, financial, and organizational challenges his audiences have endured, Dave is able to lead your team to new heights. His experience of becoming and staying the best in the world in his field is a call to action for participants. He will show your people the simple way to overcome personal and professional challenges to achieve their top aspiration and drop the excuses.

Dave’s personality will make you laugh all the way to success. His programs inspire and encourage results for everyone. He can truly turn around any group, into achieving high performance. More than a motivator Dave brings real results you can measure, right into the each talk. These results make an impression on people for life.

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Dave has consistently surprised organizers with the amount of draw he produces for each speaking engagement or event. Here’s why: he’s relevant. His personality keeps people on the edge of their seats half the time and falling out of their chairs laughing the rest.

Drawing on his 17+ years of experience in business and education training, the audience feels like Dave Farrow has not only been there but can take them there too. He regularly surprises people of all ages with what they are capable of. He is not just an expert, he has the unique ability to take the sound principles he used to become the best in the world twice, and clone it in the audience so they too achieve real, transformative results during the presentation.

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