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Master the Name Game:

Success starts with names

A person's name is the most beautiful sound in the world to them. Remembering names is the hidden leadership secret of some of the greatest leaders in history; Napoleon and Alexander the Great and John F. Kennedy regularly recalled thousands of names using memory techniques.

This talk has everything! Humor, wit, interactive teambuilding exercises, wellness results, valuable measureable success skills, and leadership skills to overcome challenges in college and life all combine into a transformative experience.

In just the first few minutes, your group will be amazed when Dave triples their memory. This is not a trick but a real, measurable result that gives a sense of accomplishment to everyone involved. This one technique is so powerful it has been borrowed by the likes of Tony Robbins, Bob Procter and Dale Carnegie, to give a powerful live experience. Many people will go home that very night to teach it to their friends and family with the same amazing results.

That is just the warm up. This talk goes beyond. Students recall from memory the names and details of over 20 people from different ethnic backgrounds, learn how to use their new memory to keep organized, master new information and keep their memory healthy and strong. The idea is that if you acquire the skills of a super memory, you gain the confidence and motivation to tackle any task. Due to the nature of this topic, you can expect students to enjoy the program and practice the techniques they learn long after the program has ended.

Bonus Outcome: Everyone will discover how to say hello in 5 languages and remember it long after the talk!

$2000 Bonus Gift (20 Master the Name Game™ DVD sets, $100 each retail, total value of $2000 in product).


Learn at the Speed of Business

(Keynote or Breakout Session: 60-120 minutes)

Have a new product launch, new software or regulations to implement?

Change is constant. Become the organization that stays on the cutting edge by having the most knowledgeable people. Did you know that for every missed question a client asks a sales person, it cuts the chance of making that sale by half? Unknowledgeable sales, service, and management professionals cost time and money.

Let Dave bring your people up to speed instantly and enjoy the process.

You will learn:

Your return on investment:

The military calls this a force multiplier. By learning to recall facts better, people recall more of what they are trained in the future, thus you receive greater value from your current team. People apply what they have learned to every other learning situation they encounter. Most people are laughing, shouting out answers, and having a great time.

Bonus Team-building: This talk also creates a team-building atmosphere through attainable goals in which everyone participates

Bonus Leadership: The creative content in this system encourages discussion and builds leadership skills.

Bonus Health and Safety Benefit: Studies show that by exercising your memory using these techniques people will cut their risk for age related memory loss dramatically.

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Stacked Books

Speed Reading for Business:

(Workshop or Break-out Session: 60- 120 minutes)

Did you know that you can double and even triple your current reading speed and still remember everything?

For over 17 years Dave Farrow and the Farrow Memory Speakers have been unleashing peoples' naturally faster reading speed - not skimming - real reading only much faster. Imagine what you could do if you read faster for business.

In this session you discover:

Take the brakes off your current reading speed and blow your competition away. Most people double their speed or more, in one session, while having full comprehension.

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Dave Memorizing Cards

Mnemonic branding

Using Neuroscience in Marketing

(Keynote, Breakout, Workshop or Consulting: Contact for Details)

Finally a scientific method for branding based on how the brain works. This is most exciting trend in marketing in decades.

People are overwhelmed by the amount of messages from competing businesses in the market today. People are busier than ever while also having access to more information than ever before. This has changed how customers decide what to buy, and it has changed branding forever.

In this program (either a talk or consulting) Dave reverses his world famous memory techniques by implanting them into advertizing and marketing. This makes it possible for customers to remember you and your name and brand for years, after seeing only one ad, flier or meeting.

You will discover:

Everyday small and large companies are losing business simply because customers forgot them by the time they were ready to buy. Don't let this happen to you. Capture lost business and leave your competition behind.

Bonus: 20 Branding DVDs, over a $1000.00 Value

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Destination Setting ™

Beyond Goal Setting, this is the science of reaching your best.

(Keynote 90 minutes)

Discover Dave's formula for success. This is a no nonsense tool Dave used to go from ADHD, dyslexia and obscurity to the best in the world in his subject in business, science and reputation, start three successful businesses, and coach fortune 500 companies, all while following his passions.

What you will Discover:

What is your vision? Do you have a compelling dream that you want? Dave will take you from not sure what you want out of life, to a compelling vision of your purpose that will attract others. This is the power core of successful leaders today. Imagine what you could do.

A being cannot help but to be that which it is. If you just wish to be something, you will always be aiming but never hit the target.

Decide today to LIVE your destiny and the world will notice. You will never achieve it until you become it in your heart first.

Dave Farrow Signature

Health and Wellness: Brain Fitness

(Keynote 60 minutes)

Listed among the greatest fears we have, is losing our memory. Over 40% of people will develop Alzheimer's at some point in their lives. Science shows us now that we can change our chances dramatically.

In this talk, Dave's humor and personality will set you at ease. You will go from fear of memory loss to the feeling of confidence in your natural brain power. Dave also separates fact from fiction, demystifying the field of the mind and memory.

Measureable Results:

Studies show that by doing exercises like the ones in this talk, participants can cut their risk for memory loss and Alzheimer's by 50% or more. There are no doctor visits or medication needed. You have all the power you need naturally to have the memory you had in your twenties. The tools you learn here will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Participants Discover:

Bonus: Triple Your Memory! That's right, in this one talk Dave will show you a simple memory exercise that will have you scoring triple the average on standard memory tests. This is no trick. You will use your hidden memory power!

“As the lead organizer of this Professional Development day I found Dave to be a pleasure to work with. Dave is personable and he and his associates presented themselves in an organized manner. They responded to questions in a timely manner, asked key questions in advance to understand the audience and were able to meet our needs in terms of expectations. Dave arrived at our event on time, was organized and presented himself in a confident, respectful manner.

He was engaging as he had the audience participating, humorous - there was often loud laughter coming from the room, and presented a topic that was relevant and interesting.

Comments that I heard after Dave's presentation were:

“I would love to have an expanded seminar with Dave”

“I can't believe it...it really works”

“I will really be able to use these techniques”

“I am going to see if he can come to an event our church is organizing”

Days later staff were quizzing each other on some of the memory recollection games he did during his presentation.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dave to other organizations and hope that we will be able to invite him to attend York Region events in the future.

Debbie Brausewetter
Supervisor, York Region/City of Toronto, Canada.

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