Farrow Memory Fundraiser Class

We understand that not every group can afford the speaking fee to bring in Dave Farrow or a Certified Farrow Memory Speaker BUT we believe that budget should NEVER prevent a person from acquiring skills for memory and learning.

Why should you attend a Farrow memory Fundraiser?

Students will:

Business Professionals will:


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Fundraiser Instructions

Fundraiser Agreement

Fundraiser Flyer

The Farrow Memory Fundraiser Class is modeled after school fundraisers that use the student body (of a school) or members (of an organization) to sell affordable tickets to a memory class.
We encourage schools and groups to promote the event to the wider public to:

  1. Sell affordable tickets and
  2. Create awareness about the benefits and results of memory training


Dave Farrow teaching a Farrow Memory Fundraiser Class in Buffalo, NY, in partnership with the Kenmore-Tonawanda Chamber of Commerce, Feb 2012

We also provide help and support in a variety of ways, to make your fundraiser a great success:

  1. All Farrow Memory Speakers, including Dave Farrow, can be available for interviews with local newspapers, TV news shows, radio stations, etc, to help promote the event.
  2. We can coach your group on how to set up interviews with local media OR with your support and permission we can make a call on your group’s behalf.
  3. Staff Members at Farrow Memory head office can be available by telephone or e-mail to answer questions about the class, pricing, ticket availability, etc.
  4. We provide a Fundraiser Package with contracts, guidelines, instructions and template posters to help get you started.

NOTE — say something about Dave Farrow being an expert in publicity and how for each fundraiser we usually get an article and interview of free publicity.  This amounts to $1000s of dollars of free advertising that the schools desperately need.  Memory is a very popular topic in the media, so we encourage u to use this topic to help promote your cause.

CLICK HERE to download The Farrow Memory Fundraiser Instructions. You can also download our Fundraiser Flyer and our Fundraiser Agreement Document.

We will work with you to promote a great event - the only thing we ask for is your commitment and promotional effort.


Dave Farrow teaching Farrow Memory Fundraiser Class in La Salette, Ontario, Canadain partnership with the La Salette Community Hall, Oct. 22, 2012.


Pictures below are from: Dave Farrow teaching the Farrow Memory Fundraiser Class to St. Clements Elementary School, in St. Clements, Ontario, Canada, Nov. 9, 2011. The school hired Dave for his speaking fee, to speak to the students during the day and then sold tickets to the community for an open to the public evening session.

Dave Farrow in the Classroom   Dave Farrow Poster

Left: Kindergarten to Grade 1 Students    Right: Promotional Poster

Dave Teaching in an Auditorium

Grade 2-8 Students


Dave teaching an evening class Dave Teaching another Evening Class

Open to the Public Evening Class