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“We’ve never had that many people show up for a speaker in the 16 years I’ve been doing student activities!”

Terry Pereira, Student Activities
Co-ordinator, ECC South, Buffalo, NY

College Programs

We Raise Retention and Standards at the same time, while enjoying the process!

With over 17 years teaching students and faculty at Colleges, Universities, Community Colleges and Professional Development, Dave Farrow and the Farrow Memory Certified Speakers have emerged as the premier source for Directors and Administrators to raise academic standards while raising Retention.

Dave delivers real world learning outcomes by the dozen. The Farrow Memory System is a Brain-based learning method unlike any other.

Farrow Memory will take your failing students and make them pass, and take your passing kids and make them soar. Dave is particularly focused on helping at risk and under privileged students who are at the greatest risk for dropping out. Simply teaching them the Farrow Method to study easier can turn their life around.

One Farrow Memory System talk can replace years of missed tutoring and study skills training, bringing students from the edge of dropping out, to the top of the class.

What that means to you is higher retention, better grades and greater learning outcomes for your students.

Students love Dave`s humor and are inspired by the miraculous abilities unleashed in each session. As a Guinness Record Holder who reveals his secrets to super human memory and higher grades with less effort, his programs are among the highest attended events on record.

Our advice is to book the biggest room you have when the Farrow Memory Speakers visit your campus.

Dave in the Classroom

The Farrow Method: The Ultimate Study and Exam Prep System

For students to succeed at school and work

(Keynote or Workshop: 60 – 90 minutes)

Imagine that genius could be taught. You can have the ability to trigger focus at will, breeze through work that leaves others frustrated and overwhelmed, and the ability to speed through technical information and retain it better than you ever thought possible. Students will get this result in just one talk. Dave shows you the simple method that will cut all study time to a fraction and triple your recall.

“When you study the right way it is not difficult, it is effortless.” - Dave Farrow

You will laugh your way to a powerful mind. Dave brings energy and wit to the act of studying along with real measureable results! This talk has a transformative effect on students that lasts a lifetime.

He used these same techniques to become a world recognized expert in Nanotechnology, file his own Patent in medical diagnostics, become a part time inventor as well as get into the Guinness Book of Records twice. Students may not be going for a Guinness Record but they will never see studying the same way again.

Students Learn:

Bonus: How to overcome challenges that seem impossible with the right mindset.

Bonus: Test taking secrets. Dave shows you all the tricks tests use and the secret test taking method that always gets the response, “if only I knew this years ago!”

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"Dave, words can't express how much your Program has meant to me in school. As a Graduate student, the workload is enormous. Before your program, I was struggling just to survive in school. Now, I'm scoring 90-100% on all my exams, and my study time has been Cut In Half! This means I can spend more time with my friends and family. I actually have a life now"
Mandy Aubert - Graduate Student, South western University, TX

Orientation: Start with Success.

Create tremendous change by getting students on track at the start.

Dave Panoramic

(Keynote or Interactive Event 60 – 90 minutes)

*Get attendance like never before with this orientation event.

The greatest fear today among students is to fall behind in academic demands, resulting in leaving school with debt and nothing to show for it. This is a sad reality for too many students today.

Farrow Memory Speakers is trying to change that. Dave takes your most struggling, at risk students and helps them excel. He has seen results from students who were planning on dropping out because of academics and are now sticking with it and performing at a higher level.

When you show students a simple method to study in half the time and double the results, they will perform better. Inside, every student wants to perform better and it’s our duty to equip them with the right tools for success.

Dave Farrow Signature

In this orientation students will learn:

Dave Farrow feels we have an obligation to students to give them the best start to their college experience. That’s why we offer the only effective brain based study method that achieves results. Dave’s energy and enthusiasm inspire students to stop making excuses and get the job done. His system makes it possible for every student to succeed.

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Dave Farrow on TV

Destination Setting ™ The Leadership Science

Beyond Goal Setting this is the science of reaching your best.

(Keynote 90 minutes)

Discover Dave’s formula for success. This is a no nonsense tool Dave used to go from ADHD, dyslexia and obscurity to the best in the world in his subject in business, science and reputation, start three successful businesses, coach fortune 500 companies all while following his passions.

What is your vision? Do you have a compelling dream that you want achieved? Dave will take you from not sure what you want out of life, to a compelling vision of your purpose that will attract others. This is the power core of successful leaders today. Learn how to do destination setting and you gain the power to unite people behind one vision. This is leadership.

Students Learn:

Students will tap into the powerful principle that Dave used to start three successful businesses, coach fortune 500 companies, and become and stay the world’s greatest in his field. Imagine what you could do.

A being cannot help but to be that which it is. If you just wish to be something, you will always be aiming but never hit the target.

Decide today to LIVE your destiny and the world will notice. You will never achieve it until you become it in your heart first.

Dave Farrow Signature

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